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One of the most popular sizes for stretched lobes, 10mm piercing jewellery comes in a massive range of styles and materials. You'll Dillion harper peeing find that once you reach 10mm - also called 00 Gauge - the range of tunnels and plugs available gets much bigger. If you're planning to stretch even further, we have a great range of piercing stretching tools to help you get there.

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10mm (00 gauge) gauge / thickness / nipple piercing place on body

Nipple Barbells. Fall Jewelry. Replacement Parts. Pregnancy Belly. Dermal Anchors.

Barbell tongue nipple ring heavy 00 gauge 1/2" internal thread 12mm balls steel

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Replacement Balls. College Team. Handcrafted Nipple Rings. Surgical steel barbell. Nipple Ring Monthly Club. Spiral Rings. Sun Star. Belly Ring Monthly Club. Picture - Sports. Handcrafted Mature meaty pussy fucking Rings. This straight piercing barbell is crafted from L surgical grade stainless steel with a high-polish finish. Nipple Shields. Ear Hangers. Tongue Rings.

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Mm (0 gauge) gauge / thickness / nipple piercing place on body

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00 gauge straight stainless steel barbell 3/4 12mm

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