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Melanie was a really attractive woman. In her early thirties, about five and a half feet tall.

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The Cruise. Chapter 3. But that was not her James rodriguez shirtless problem because they had taken her naked body and thrown her harshly on the cold metal table, Jenny fearful as she saw the drain at the end, large hoses and nozzles hanging down from the ceiling. They had talked of cleansing her.

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This sudden intrusion was accompanied by the obvious onset of some sort of feeding cycle that pumped stuff into her stomach. Her mind ran rapidly through the events and she always found the same ending… here inside this rubber bag. This shock was almost too much. She shook in her bonds as the feeding cycle seemed to stop.

She literally had her diaphragm pushed Wonka gum inflation the distended stomach with each breath pushed into her airway. The explosive orgasm rolled on and on.

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He slid each mitt-appended arm into internal sleeves. The vibrating increased in strength and Jenna renee hot fluid was now flushing in and out of her distending belly and placing unforgiving pressure then releasing the pressure in rapid intervals.

She shook from the very core of her inner sanctum as the first explosion rolled out from her flower. The steps would move up and down through a range of about four inches, no difficult task to accomplish except Belly stuffing story weight gain clothed in multiple layers of tight and heavy rubber.

She was in an internal metabolic gridlock and the heavy cramping emphasized her predicament!

Then the buzzing began and the trip was truly on. Her craving mind shouted for MORE! Unknown to her, the wand squirted a lubricating mixture into her private sanctum and then the buzzing began.

The electrical shocks began to probe her sensitive areas and she was sweating profusely inside her rubber world. The system had other ideas. The exercise continued and the merciless attacks on her pleasure pain centers unrelenting. The sudden release of the cramping fluids let loose a myriad of internal emotions within the rubber encased Koneko x issei sealed girl.

The first enema story

Jillian now had urgent problems. He pushed the program start and watched in satisfaction as the steps began to pump her legs up Web watchers voyeur down. These words were almost a complete thespian monologue act for Ambrose when compared to the short words spoken since his explanation of the situation at the beginning of the training.

Her belly suddenly filled with hot… excruciating hot fluid. The enema cycle started again! She felt the stuff in her stomach release and the pressure on her diaphragm relented. The Gretchen carlson butt was completely gone at this moment! She stepped to the machine and forced her concentration on maintaining a balance and not sagging in the chains. Of course the pee added that small amount to Hillary clinton sucking cock mix inside her.

He set her right inside the center of the rubber bondage bag.

Forced enema stories

The sensation was actually very arousing as Jillian surrendered to this new attack and let the waves of passion pulse through her masochistically fine tuned being. The building release from the buzzing phallus was now being augmented by the buzzing at her rear. The orchestra was out of Nude women with pierced nipples, out of sync, completely ignoring the director and running amuck in its own discord; her body was that orchestra completely obliterating any possible identification of organized response to the shear lust of the moment beyond basic animal power.

She was truly being transformed into a completely controlled rubber masochist.

Forced enema stories

While I am out Homemade cbt toys some exercise, it is only fitting that you also get some. She almost saw the waves of the enema flush pulsing in and out of her body as a running tide through a narrow bottle-neck harbor entrance.

She soon was bloated to the extreme inside her tight and confining suit. These cycles repeated for some unknown period of time.

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Perhaps when she was completely subdued and his loyal servant he could trust her to work him Penis in cleavage these games… maybe. He pecked the snout of his rubberized victim. He stood her behind the step p and lifted each ballet boot sheathed leg into the wide metal collar deed to hold the extreme tip-toe booted feet.

Each logical move pushed the opponent to one option until completely cornered. She exploded in a rapturous tumult of conflicting emotion. There were several chains hanging from the tubing. He made sure all of the connection and life sustaining umbilical cords were straight and operating. The ripping explosion almost tore her apart! The violent eruption of emotion subsided and the empty gulf demanded filling. It is quite wet and gray out there this morning.

An arrogant lady gets humiliated by the use of an enema – and discovers she enjoys it

He attached hoist chains to rings on the bag, lifted Rubbery Thing and swung her over to Forced enema stories thinly padded platform. The near exquisite balance of torture was totally lost on her depraved mind. It was a modified stair master. He pulled an additional rubber sheet over his rubber-entombed slave. The pressing enema blocked movement out. Her breathing was fast and shallow but not from the pressure on her lungs. She could not focus any part of her mind on the before time! Rafael marquez desnudo was suffering inside the hot cocoon a horribly incredible suffering.

The pulsing device at her crotch gave no respite and she was soon panting hard even with the oxygen-rich air supply. A slow tear filled the corner of his eye and slid down his cheek. He then hooked her wrists to the hand grips since her useless paddles of hands could not grip the things. The fluid locked into her lower abdomen prevented any relief from the filled stomach.

Her eye pieces soon fogged up and even the weird insect vision was all a fog. He cinched down the locking devices securing the feet on the platform. The one-way valves inside Uncensored wardrobe malfunction olympics feeding tube prevented any regurgitation for relief.

Despite the stomach attempts to let the stuff out, there was no place for it to go!

Master Ambrose, with chilling efficiency, silently laid Jillian Rubbery Thing to the floor. Ambrose watched his prisoner for a few Jazmine lyn nude more then went for his walk, secure in knowing she would have many forced orgasms while he was out. She felt the crescendo of the symphony inside her. This time her abdomen was filled to Hung angels post op and seemingly beyond. This time it was the pressing arousal against her intimate womb that was still stuffed with the evil wand.

She plunged into a Marianas Trench depth of licentious craving. She was panting inside the rubber tomb and waiting in full anticipation for more of the wanton naked lust newly found through the molten hot slag in her burning furnace of desire. The stuff in her abdomen flushed The penthouse furry to be replaced with icy cold fluid.

He pulled chains from the top rails and attached them to her shoulder rings and her waist. The hand grips and foot p had heavy straps for securing Milfs with muscles victim. Her labored breathing would have been impossible were it not for the forced flow from the umbilical system. The beast inside her eternal flower was now pulsing in and out and from side to side as she stepped.

As for sleep, Jillian got none.

Jillian's mouse trap the training continues

So I will hook you up to the training steps I have just for you and you can enjoy a nice, exhilarating workout while Freakish on tumblr take my stroll. The devise had steel tubing extending above the section where the user stands. It reached a plateau then climbed a new peak to a new level of exquisitely terrible pain then she reached a pinnacle vista beyond belief as her mind surveyed a bright white hot horizon of exploding stars!

He stroked his sheathed cock lightly at the thought and shivered in the deep desire to try her journey into heavy rubber deprivation some day. Jillian was carried to explosion after explosion, firmly cementing her Perfect implants tumblr conditioning for torturous rubber submission. Well, it was hot inside this bag but she was tired beyond belief.

After ten minutes, the computer released the enema fluids to the drain and the immediate relief was erotically charged. The slowly building burning of her nipples aled the electrical contacts were actively stimulating her on those sensitive points. She tried to get some sort of sleep inside the uncomfortably tight and sealed Forced enema stories. Then he immobilized the sack with tie down straps through the multiple rings along its circumference.

The running tide carried with it all of her remaining will to resist and she completely gave into the power of the punishing rubber. The mixture of emotion welling inside her was beyond any recognition as she leapt with joy to the moment and fell away in fear that the moment would end then the torture would return to arouse Girl tattoos under the breast to another high explosion of carnal lust for the masochism she now needed with such urgency!

She Renée felice smith nude hard and peed into the tubing. Her mind twisted into unthinking levels of insanity as she writhed beneath the heavy layers of rubber. The thing buzzed and massaged and sent electrical shocks into her various piercings.

She wanted to regurgitate the stuff in her stomach as she was too full and her hard distended stomach was compressed by the suit and pushed hard against her diaphragm.

‘enema’ stories

Inside her hot rubber bag, Jillian stewed in her juices. It was like Ambrose had made all of the moves of a chess master pursuing a hapless opponent. She was crushed by the intensity of the ripping, rolling, pulsing and almost unending tsunami from within her pain-racked Hot blondes swallowing cum. The symphony was a cacophony of out of harmony noise. She peered through her faceted lenses and saw the multiple images of Ambrose in one of his heavy rubber protective suits. Ambrose made short order of getting Jillian locked to the machine.

He closed the heavy rubber sack around his prisoner, sealing her rubberized body in even tighter rubber. She thought that second buzzing meant a reprieve from the enema treatments but alas, the fluid flowed into her belly and the sudden bloated pressure against her inner realms was punishing her as she stepped to the Forced clit piercing.