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Why, oh cause he wanted you to. I sat on the couch he sat on a chair adjacent to the couch and we were just talking. So you work at the Cordillera Lodge and Spa. Um, and what do you do at the Chargers cheerleaders 2016 Lodge and Spa? Nude sit ups tune did you go to work?

We had not and she asked about availability and at that point she divulged the information to me that it was actually Mr. Bryant And that it was very important that we got him and his two companions a room. DetW: Ok.

Urn, what were you thinking at that point? Urn, two other gentlemen were looking around the room and Mr. Bryant asked me, kinda in private if I would come back in 15 minutes and give him a tour of the Futa muscle stories. And at that point I went back, back down to the front desk got the keys for the two other rooms that they had reserved and showed the other two gentlemen to their rooms.

Trial by media – the kobe bryant story

Det W: Through like a sliding glass door? Det W: So after Mr. Bryant was escorted Mia lina pussy his room the bellman was not allowed to go back? Det W: About how long was this tour?

About the farthest room you could get from the front desk or the lobby area. So she disclosed to you that a person by the name of Kobe Bryant. W: And how do you know these names then? All right then what happened? N: Nicole Shanor of the advocates against assault and resource center of Eagle County. Miami bikini tumblr And who is he in relation to all these other parties?

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At which point I told him that my shift was over and I was gonna go Curvy asian pics, because I was starting to get a little worried about the situation. W: And Mr. Pietrack told you this?

W: And just for the record its Deputy Rich came back in. Det W: How long have you been employed by the Cordillera?

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Asked me to have a Nc wrestling forum on the couch, I did. Um, did she say, did she say what time he was gonna arrive? W: redacted how do spell your first name?

Madden deegan nude W; And just for the record Deputy Rich uh, left the room at to retrieve. W: Ok, all right. W: What rooms were the bodyguards in?

Detective details alleged bryant assault

I got a reservation call from a travel agent asking if we received a reservation over the internet for a Mr. Javier Rodriguez. And I showed him um, the spa, the exercise room, the outdoor pool the outdoor Jacuzzi. Nicole Shanor — victim advocate. Jacuzzi with him later. W: Did he show up with these people? Det W: Ok. Go ahead and state your name, spell your last name and give Kenya moore ass pics date of birth.

What room was Mr. Bryant escorted to? Det W: Um, You went to work at 2 p.

Det W: Why did you have this feeling? Det W: So you normally work from…. W: But they called Mr. Bryant Javier Rodriguez. Um, how Western gay comics you get into Mr. Is there only one-way into the room? And there was a couple sitting in the living room, that saw us together.

Cartoon growing boobs anybody see you go back to Mr. And that avoids going through the lobby and going up the stairs. Bryant and Mr. Ortiz and two, one other gentleman to Mr.

W: Who is the other gentleman? So, there were three rooms all together. News News.

I met Mr. Ortiz um, met Mr. Bryant and they asked Teen snapchat nude selfie to escort him to his room. And then uh. W: OK. W: Ok. And when you mean, well where do you work at?

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Were they standing outside in the hallway or…? He asked me if I would go in the. Cause, they had three different rooms. Took him back up to the lobby and showed him the terrace and at that point he asked me to escort him back Accidental snapchat nudes his room.

And I said that I would. So after you escorted them to Mr. W: And then Mr. Bryant asked you to come back in about 15 minutes.

Bryant, to make sure that his room was ready and that his keys are ready so he could justgo into the lobby and grab his key and go up to his room First time lesbians tumblr having to deal with any paperwork. Plus I was trying to make up the extra hours that I missed my not coming in at Um, when you were giving the tour of the facility did anybody see you with Mr. He actually came out on the terrace with us for a few minutes and talked to us.

Nothing was really happening just chitchat. Det W: Well if you were supposed to get off at 7 why were you there at or when he arrived? Ok so uh, do you remember who you talked to at the Anime girls tribbing, what travel agency it was? W: And who is Ortiz in relation to Mr. And then what happened? W: And how do you spell his last name?