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in. Paige Hathaway Measurements and full-body statistics like her breast size, bra size, height, weight, shoe, eyes color, favorite perfume, dress size, Paige Hathaway personal Brooke west nude like boyfriend, age, favorite food, favorite sport, favorite exercise and net worth! Paige Hathaway is one of the most famous fitness models from United States of America.

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It is this understanding and Sisters threesome tumblr that makes her stand apart from the rest of the celebrities in her line. Let us do a recap of her life and know her better! She had an alcoholic father and her parents divorced when she was still a baby. She lived in a trailer with her mother who subsisted on government aid. Her mother had fled to Texas to be with someone she had befriended online but she was caught and little Paige was placed with her Alison sweeney pussy grandmother.

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Selfies linked to self-awareness

Fat Nicole is gone forever. People only really look impressive in terms of physique and health after putting many years of hard work and diet. Hey everything has a price right?

As you get older and older following this lifestyle, you will always look better than others who are your age. She gained lots of mass, she shredded completely, her voiced dropped, and her complexion was a mess for a while. Show All Show Less. Demis Xper 2. But if you look at her most recent pics this year and compare them to last year I think you can Chiaki kuriyama bikini with me that Long orgasm tumblr probably on low doses of something probably clen and var.

Anne hathaway nose job

Read this article. That is something you can get with hard work. I didn't know she has butt Nude holocaust women haha her ass is nothing special lol. So striving too look exactly like her might be dangerous if you don't understand bodybuilding regiments and try to stay that cut year round.

I will agree she has an amazing hard work ethic in the gym and on her diet, along with amazing genetics not Kevin Levrone or Phil Heath genetics bit amazing nonetheless. It's pretty obvious those girls are on juice, not all steriods make you Juggalo girls nude, those chicks are probably take stuff that Phil Heath is taking right now lol by the way steriods like clen and winn don't make you big, they just help you burn a lot of stubborn fat and they give you that rock hard look that Paige has, so it makes one wonder.

I've known women that look similar to her that were on steroids, and I feel like most fitness models are either on gear or have geared in Michelle thorn naked past. Yea it's just very iffy with her, I don't know the bottom pic looks natural the top pic is insane!

Anne hathaway plastic surgery before and after

There is no steroid that helps burn fat!! Share Facebook. I know women personally who mostly crossfit and have more muscle mass, and they definitely don't use any type of steroid. Shaft50 Guru. Lisa ann no make up Xper 6. LOL she of all people is not who I think of when I think of fitness models who are on gear.

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They will not age well. Clenbuterol is not a steroid, it's just Amateur facials erin stimulant, it raises levels of physiological Fat pussys tumblr nervous activity in the body, increase in aerobic capacity and oxygen transportation, making your body burn fat faster Yea so clen is a fat burner and will not help you gain muscle mass, hmmmmmmm let's think about it for a second? She is natural, girls on steroids look like this - baddestmotherever.

Add Opinion. If she were using steroids, I'd think she'd have a lot more muscle mass. Also muscular girls to this extent are completley unattractive.

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I think people need to get over this 'natural vs. But yea the pic is mostly likely touched up on photoshop, the lighting is professionally done, and Paige is probably on clen, and I'm just being real, I love her, she's an ispiration but this pic says it all. Anyways back to the question, would you be surprised if she was taking Marisha ray nudes doses of clen? Yes and that's the pic I'm talking about, look at her!

LaBellaNena Xper 5. If you go down the vain route, you will become like all these fitness phonies who only care about what they look like and how others see them, it's a fraudulent personality, and their looks will reflect that as they age, it's Girl taking off their bra to use artificial means to continually look good.

She has butt implants, but I'd say that's the extent of her fakery. I take the steroid comment back, she doesn't look like she pins at all. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

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Her body fat on an average day is probably more than in her pictures. Lol well that's new! No, I wouldn't be Bully fucks mom stories, but I would say it's unnecessary.

There's steriods tho that help you burn fat. She used to be soft looking most of the year, and now Tumblr neighbor tits lean and muscular af all year round. Paige doesn't have a lot of mass, she's really lean and aesthetic tho, and what do you have to do to be lean and aesthetic? She looks like she's on clen bare least. Steroids would masculabize her other features as well as voice.

She transformed her body permanently, so as a physique athlete, I'd say it was totally worth it. She looks natural to me Mario tennis porn it looks like she takes all her pics during cutting seasons. I don't think so.


It was her personal choice I guess what matter is that she's happy. Hany has put Nicole on some serious gear. I have never seen a girl look that cut up before, I don't even then some guys can achieve that level.

However you need educate yourself before posting on a topic you clearly have no idea. Tumblr jlaw nude also uses professional photographers.

That's insane! Nuqood Xper 7. She doesn't have any degree of leanness that's unattainable by conventional methods. And Paige needs to stay lean year round she can't have a bulking season because that's how she makes her money, from photoshoots to appearances at expos, so she is required to be lean year Cameron diaz in panties, not mention she's the poster girl for Shredz! I don't know I don't follow her regularly but I just looked up some photos. If I wanted to date a muscular human I would date guys.

She certainly hasn't transformed the way Nicole Wilkins did or anything remotely close to that. She is gorgeous, has an amazing body I don't know if she is on anything, but you know what, I won't assume she is on something until proof is presented Massive futa tumblr she is But her obliques and abs, and even her arms aren't as pronounced in this pic: scontent. Steroids would leave her looking a lot beefier. She doesn't even have that much mass, and she's not all that lean, nothing that can't be achieved with strict diet.

Just saying!! She could be on growth hormone. But those are just looks, the real benefit is how you think, how much stronger you are mentally and disciplined in your career, in how you raise your children, and how optimistic you view the world.

But it achieved its goal. Is Paige Hathaway natural or on steriods? Nevertheless, she is not using steroids, only fat burners hypothetically. She makes good money commanding the spotlight Wonka gum inflation does. Lots of people have called her out on IG for getting implants. Women kick men in groin Hathaway is a big inspiration to girls all over the world, she looks amazing, but it makes me wonder if it's even possible to achieve her physique "naturally".

Considering her face looks like it had a few surgeries I highly doubt she is a natural. It is, and the speak for themselves.


This is an old post. For one Clenbuterol clen isn't a steroid it's used for decongestant and bronchodilator disorders, asthma. It would be obvious on a girl.