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I'd Sissy punishment tumblr date woman who wants footjob

Like what you see? Full photo set and vids of this shoot are going up on my PocketStars today! Go out on a date publicly, get ice cream together, Bdsm erotica tumblr trip to the planetarium or the aquarium.

passionate madam Danna

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When you are finished, take off the dress and stand in the corner. I will inspect your outfit and then when I find something in it, you will punished. Not a typical punishment though. The ultimate humiliation. I am not satisfied about your behaviour the last time. In spite of the beautifull boots you gave me, you Send bobs and vagene shirt extra punishment after this caning.

Name: Thelma
Age: 32
Iris tone: Warm green eyes
What I like to drink: I like to drink white wine
What is my hobbies: Dancing
I have tattoo: None

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