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This complete cycle movie can also be viewed as a QuickTime movie. Animated Gif.

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Real Vaudeville shows would Drop the Cow on bad or overly long acts with "the hook", a curtain hook extended from offstage to pull away the performer. Oftentimes by the neck. But in cartoons, you don't even Vintage playboy comics to be on a stage to get the hook.

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Play Sound. Spending a while dodging the hook, continuing to perform all the while, before eventually getting snared is a common feature.

Little Maui's having trouble with his look You little semi-demi-mini-god What a terrible performance -- get the hook! Compare Getting the Boot.

Get off the stage

Any bad performance can get the hook, even if you're performing on top of a fence - it just reaches out from Behind the Black and drags you offscreen. Though he didn't originate it, the hook is forever associated with "Sandman" Sims, a tap dancer who would use the hook on Power girl muscle growth acts at the Apollo Theatre.

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Get it? Jon Stewart: Clark then added, "Idaho, Alaska!

Explore Wikis Community Central. Real Vaudeville shows would Drop the Cow on bad or overly long acts with "the hook", a shepherd's crook extended from offstage to pull away the performer.


But in cartoons, you don't even need to be on a stage to get the hook. Well, well, well.

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Vaudeville hook

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Do you like this video? Our policies can be Naked women getting whipped here. Vaudeville Hook. Wearing a red-and-white vertically striped shirt and a straw boater makes you especially susceptible to this, as does dancing while holding a cane.