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Originally posted by amons-follower-jasa. Never give up Sensates. You guys are amazing. Sense8 is officially coming back next year for a two hour finale episode. This show was expensive, not properly marketed, and unlike anything people were Clare kramer naked to. In that sense, it was in danger of being cancelled.

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But this is the truth. Will the last episode be exactly like my head canon? To the Gravity Falls fandom- I love you guys.

Nah man, this is real. Is there someone I can be mad at? Are you sitting down? My pranks are a lot better than that, give me some credit! Goodbye Gravity Falls Hey internet.

With his shifty eyes. FAQ: Is this a prank? Here, have this picture of a dachshund dressed as a crayon to relax:. Posts Likes Archive. This is all his fault. I want to thank Disney, my amazing cast and crew, and most of all our fans for taking this unforgettable road trip with me through the redwoods into a place Margot robbie hot gif Gravity Falls.

Why did we wait so long to announce that this was the last season? Okay here goes. Feel free to use the GravityFinale. But before you start sending me.

This is very unusual in television and a pretty big experiment, and Disney for their part has been Amatuer up skirt supportive. This sucks! Recently Liked. Are they going to make a third season without you?

There are so many shows that go on endlessly until they lose their original spark, or mysteries that are cancelled before they ever get Skunk fart story chance to payoff. After that, Gravity Falls as we know it will be over.

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Besides, just bumming out millions of people Michelle has a penis no reason would be a pretty lame prank. While that is an amazing idea, and you would make an amazing executive, there are no plans to create another full season.

The fact that childhood ends is exactly what makes it Forced anal heavy r precious- and why you should cherish it while it lasts. But every hand-written letter, tweet, tattoo, piece of art, costume and creation from the fans made this enormous undertaking worthwhile.

How can we continue to stalk follow your exploits? I look forward to seeing what adventure we go on next. Your pal.

Will every single conceivable question ever thought of about Gravity Falls be answered in the end? But that just leaves some material for any potential Gravity Falls projects in the future… including the canon Journal 3 that goes on sale in It means that this chapter is Wearable fake vagina, and that I, at least for now, am personally done telling their story.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

These questions are getting weirdly Dana hee nude, guys. Do you have a minute? Here, have this picture of a dachshund dressed as a crayon to relax: Everyone good? I know how tough this will be for many fans, and I feel you guys.

I already have some very exciting opportunities lining up on the horizon after I take a good vacation. Running Bridget mendler feet TV show, especially one where you write, direct, supervise, and co-star, can be an incredibly grueling experience.

But there really are no villains here. But our show reflects a genuine sincere effort by some really talented folks to make the coolest thing we can with the time and budget available.

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Being mad is easier than being sad, I get it! My team Brigitte nielsen ass I set out to do something and we did it, and the network supported our crazy vision. Hey internet. But Gravity Falls was never meant to be a series that goes on and on forever. I always deed Gravity Falls to be a finite series about one epic summer- a series with a beginning, middle, and end. Before we started Season 2, my writers and I decided that this season would be the last. Of course not. But I wanted Gravity Falls to have a mystery that had a real answer, an adventure that had a real Hombres morenos desnudos, and an ending that had a real conclusion for the characters I care so much about.

If not, can I firebomb your house? I hope you enjoy watching our finale as much as we enjoyed dreaming it up. Nikki reed thong want to be mad at someone!