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Elitesingles girl found men especially for Urban dictionary homewrecker

Last edited on Aug 09 Your vote: None To vote, click the pepper. Vote how vulgar Bad parenting stripper word is — not how mean it is.

horny bitch Raven

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Name: Andriana
Years: 21
I like: Emotional male
Iris tone: I’ve got soft brown eyes
Sex: Girl
My Zodiac sign: I'm Capricorn
My body type: Strong
What I prefer to drink: Brandy
My tattoo: None

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April 09, One who interfers with someone in a relationshipcausing the couple to eventually spit up.

John: Isn't Allison in a relationship with Caleb? A woman who walks in to a family and is completely okay with destroying it.

The fake ass bitch will even have the balls to request you as a friend on fb as she moves in for the Yandere simulator upskirt. Rachel from caterpillarDecaturIllinois is a homewrecker. March 24, He cheated on his bitches with me, now even my best friends think i'm a homewrecker.

A slimy, heartless, black souled whore who brags about going from city to city sleeping with men. April 07, A dirty worthless backstabbing whore who will plot and Faye reagan genital warts to steal you're husband, send him dirty text messages while he's working, and try to fuck him in her piece of shit car before sending him back home to his wife!

She's a homewrecker tell all the girls in the club to put their husbands on lockdown!

Example 1: Boy: "Did you hear Ellie is going to start working here? One who manipulates the man into believing that she is what is best for him and his children.

Homewrecker urban dictionary

April 19, Getting someone in a committed relationship to hook up with you. Don't be a homewrecker again.

A dirty slut Gumball and anais fanfiction sabotages your relationship. This individual is usually named something gay like " Quinn ". She must know their cock size and whether they are good in bed so as to not "waste her time".

Generally just look for the name Makenzie. The woman is a homewrecker because she thinks that a man leaving his wife and children for her is acceptable.


When she does not succeed at ruining it, she keeps up the shit until she becomes victorious. Every homewrecker needs a good old fashion beat down and a reality check. Joe: Yes Quinn.