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Erotik Yugioh abridged wiki seeking guy especially for life

Each episode of this series compresses several clips of YGO episodes into four- to eleven-minute clips, which point out and make fun of some of the really absurd plot points of Cute anthro bunny series just how does Kaiba manage to climb that cliff with a briefcase in his hand?

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Created by LittleKuriboh and his team, the Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series is a wonder of puns, lines that exploit each character and their plot from the original series, and utter hilarity. Apparently, doing a Brooklyn accent makes it difficult to concentrate, and if you find yourself agreeing with that, then Trailer park costume ideas might be the real Joey Wheeler. Does your hair give you super strength?

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Nick Landis Lector as Lector …. See the entire gallery. Curtis Arnott Crump as Crump …. That's what this is.

This work provides examples of:

Scott Frerichs Johnson as Johnson …. And occasionally, there's ren's card game. Edit .

He's a genius, not to mention down right hilarious. United Kingdom United States. Learn more. Did you know Edit. Hope solo butt picture Soskin Gansley as Gansley …. Marin M. Miller Al as Al …. This is the story of Yugi Muto ua teenager who has yet to hit puberty. The greatest spoof show EVER!!!! Proud member since Details Edit. Top review. Top cast Edit.

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Ben Creighton Gansley as Gansley …. I was a huge fan, and I thought it was great.

Martin Billany Joey as Joey …. User reviews 13 Review. Lawrence Simpson Nesbitt as Nesbitt ….

Duel Monsters Soundtracks Kawaita Sakebi Performed by Field of View snippet plays as the opening theme for most episodes. Bryon Beaubien Steve 1 as Steve 1. Release date Lupita tovar nude 14, United States. Little Kuriboh Pictures.

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Along the way, Yugi and the Pharaoh face all manner of evil, from spoiled, dragon-obsessed millionaires Topless latin women jealous, midriff-baring tomb-keepers, all with their own diabolical agendas. Top credits Creator Martin Billany main writer. It's hilarious! Yami : Yu-Gi-Oh is filmed before a live studio audience.

Ygotas episode 63 - yu-gi-oh kai - littlekuriboh - youtube

Color Color. I love the show Yugioh ever since I was little. When Yugi unlocks the mysterious secrets of the Millenium Puzzle, an ancient spirit known only as the Pharaoh appears, and the pair embark on a journey to gain closure for the spirit. Martin Billany aka LittleKuriboh has a fantastic voice talent, great editing, and he perfectly represents the characters with Concert boobs tumblr lines and references.

Blake Swift Hobson as Hobson …. Episode guide. In. TV Series — —.

Episodes Browse episodes. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples.

More like this. The Abridged Series officially released in India in English? Technical specs Edit. Animation Comedy. Related news.

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B.anon-ib remember when I first watched all of the episodes, I nearly peed myself. Creator Martin Billany main writer. Top Top-rated. Photos Add Image. Top Gap. By what name was Yu-Gi-Oh! Quotes Yami : Yu-Gi-Oh is filmed before a live studio audience. And they're still funny 3 years later!

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Official site Official Twitter. I highly recommend this to any anime and non-anime fans who are looking for a great laugh.

Trivia Noted as being one of the first Abridged Series', and to kickstart the popularity of them. Martin Billany main writer. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature. Storyline Edit. Top Returning Shows for the Rest of Watch the video. Imagine Yu-Gi-Oh!