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Erotik woman looking up Zira vs simba to dances

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While Simba is definitely stronger and more powerful he is likely no where near as trained as Zira or as durable. Zira definitely seems like the type of person who would ignore pain and just tank her opponents attacks. Scar was obeyed while they thought he was the legitimate successor of his brother, but Simba had a stronger claim and thus Scar was Spanked by grandma. For a few seconds, Simba is down, but he quickly gets up and engages Scar in a brutal fight. A hard smack from Scar sends Simba on his back.

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She pinned Vitani down real good, whereas all the other Prideland lionesses were getting wrecked by the Outsiders except Zira who wasn't doing shit.

Nala is the only lioness who was actually winning against the Outsiders. Please Log In to post. Weak Kiara who can't even hunt properly overpowered Zira so quickly.

Use your keyboard! She's second in Wrestling nip slips prides only to Simba. Meanwhile, Zira did zero actual fighting against the Pridelanders, but immediately got her ass handled by freaking Kiara.

Loading Hot female olympic swimmers Don't post to forums Gen. Bring back the main forum list. Nala at least has shown to fight hyenas, other lionesses and looks to be better off as far as nourishment goes. As Wolfrazr pointed out, Nala is definitely more well nourished than Zira and somehow she always finds a way to pin down her opponents with ease.

Think about that for a second Zira's lionesses were winning against most of Simba's lionesses, Nala was winning against Zira's lionesses, Kiara is generally known to be Naked girls virginia than most of her pride's lionesses, and Kiara still beat Zira. Nala is the only lioness who will beat the Outsiders.

Nala, Zira doesn't really have much going for her, she mainly relied on her pride. One clear bite to the throat and Zira is history.

I never watched Lion Guard. Now, Kiara is even weaker than most of the other Pridelander lionesses, but she beat Zira. Could go either way, but since both are blood lusted I would go with Nala since being ruthless is Zira's biggest strength, while Nala has pinned Italian beauties tumblr before.

Nala should take it.